5 Best Shooting Games on Android (Free and Offline)

Shoot-and-shoot games are one genre of games that are never empty of enthusiasts.

Whether on a PC, console or smartphone, this type of game is always crowded.

No wonder the number of shooting games is also quite a lot.

Well, in this article I will give you the recommendations of the 5 best shooting games on Android.

5 Best Shooting Games on Android

1. Zombie Waves 3D

Zombie Waves 3D offers a different shooting game experience.

Just as the name implies, in this game your main enemy is the zombies.

You can eradicate the zombies with various advanced weapons.

Ranging from pistols, launchers, to grenades.

This game is more tense because it displays creepy sound effects.

Download Zombie Waves 3D 1.1.8 (42M)

2. West Gunfighter

Just like the first game, West Gunfighter also offers different gameplay.

In West Gunfighter the game will be more tense because you will add while riding a horse.

Besides being more tense, of course it will also be more difficult, and more exciting of course.

For friends who want to play games with cowboy themes, West Gunfighter can be an option.

Moreover, the size of this game is quite mini, which is 19MB only.

Download West Gunfighter

3. Special Force Group 2

The third shooting game that you can try is Special Force Group 2.

When compared to the two games above, the Special Force Group 2 has a decent size, almost 200MB.

But the advantage is that the graphics are much better.

This game has two modes, namely online and offline mode.

If you are not connected to the internet, you can play offline with computer enemies.

Whereas if you play online, you will fight players from all over the world.

If you are a fan of shooting games with good graphics, Special Force Group 2.

Download Special Force Group 2 3.3 (29M)

4. Commando Adventure Shooting

This game in my opinion is very interesting.

How not, at the beginning of the game you will be placed in the middle of a battlefield, among many enemies.

What’s more, you’re not equipped with weapons at all.

You must defeat the first enemy to get weapons.

This game is very suitable for Sobat who likes challenges, because the missions in this game are quite difficult to conquer.

Download Commando Adventure Shooting 5.7 (52M)

5. Sniper 3D Assassin

This last shootout game was made by a developer called Fun Games For Free.

As you name it, in this 3D game you will play as a Sniper.

That way you will shoot more often from a distance.

It takes high concentration so that your shot is on target.

The opponent you have to defeat in this game is the terosis.

This game provides 13 different missions with a higher level of difficulty.

Download Sniper 3D Assassin


Well, that was the 5 most serial shooting games on Android.

You can play all the exciting games above.

Some are offline, some are online.

So, you will never be bored playing it because besides being able to be played online, it can also be played offline.

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