5 Mandatory Current Camera Applications Installed Kids Now

As a generation now, you must be grateful for being able to live in a modern era like this.

Because with the advancement of technology, our various activities have been facilitated by the advancement of technology itself.

Starting from making documents, communicating, reading news, everything has been made easy thanks to technological advances.

Well, one of the technologies that we use most often is smartphones.

Currently smartphone functions are not limited to just devices for communicating.

But it also works for many things. Starting from typing documents, to internet, to photos.

Speaking of photos, of course you as a smartphone user often do selfies right?

Especially with smartphone camera capabilities that are getting better day by day.

But to do a selfie using a built-in camera application seems to be less good.

Therefore you need a special camera application.

The following are 5 current camera applications that you must download.

5 Mandatory Current Camera Applications Installed Kids Now

1. YouCam Perfect

The reason we likes it:

  • This camera application can change the shape of the face, eye bags, nose plus cool makeup effects.
  • Can be used to take photos at night thanks to the “Night Mode” feature.
  • Various sizes and frames are available that can be used in photos.

YouCam Perfect is one of the camera applications that must be on your smartphone.

Especially if you are the type of person who likes to do selfies.

With this camera, your selfie collection will always be charming.

Download YouCam Perfect

2. BeautyPlus

The reason we likes it:

  • Your pimples will disappear in an instant if using a BeautyPlus camera.
  • You can also record videos with various funny stickers that can move around.
  • There are lots of filters available to retouch photos quickly.

Another beautiful camera application that you must try.

Just like its name, BeautyPlus will make the images of your face look beautiful instantly.

Uniquely, the images will still look natural. The beautiful effect doesn’t look excessive.
Download BeautyPlus

3. Candy Camera

The reason we likes it:

  • Want a face to look easier? Just use the “Baby Face” effect.
  • Want your lips to look bright red? Relax, there is a “Orange Kiss” feature.
  • Your clear face also doesn’t just stop at photos, but also when making video calls.

For those of you who like selfies and share them with social media, I strongly recommend using the Candy Camera camera application.

This one feature will make you beautiful without make up.

Even you don’t have to wait 7 days, like when using a face whitening cream.
Download Candy Camera


The reason we likes it:

  • With AR technology, you can add 3D objects that seem to blend with your photos.
  • Besides photos, with SNOW you can also create GIFs, music, videos, and also boomerang for Instagram.
  • There are features before and after to find out the photo before and after editing.

Do you want to try various Augmented Reality effects and want to combine them into photos?


When I tried it, I really liked it.

There are many AR effects that are very funny and interesting to use.
Download SNOW

5. Face Swap

The reason we likes it:

  • Very smooth face exchange results, like edited using a professional image processor.
  • There is also an exchange of faces with faces of celebrities, animals, and other popular characters.
  • There is an exciting cosplay feature, where you can play as prisoners, skulls and babies in photos.

This application is very exciting if played together with friends, siblings, brothers, girlfriends or ex.

Because with this application, your face will be exchanged with each other.

The results may look funny, weird, and sometimes invite laughter both of you.

Photos can be stored on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Download Face Swap


Well, that was the 5 current camera applications that you must download if you are a child now.

That way, every time you want to selfie, you have a collection of camera applications that will help you produce the best selfies.

Good luck.

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