How to get a free Ghillie Suit on PUBG Mobile

Ghillie Suit or often referred to as grass clothes, is camouflage clothing that is in the PUBG Mobile game.

Just as the name suggests, this clothing allows users to camouflage between grasses, so they are not visible.

This one shirt is very useful for hiding in areas with many enemies.

So that when enemies attack each other, they will not know of your presence on the battlefield. So it’s safe.

Or to be more maximal, Friend Androbuntu can also come to attack the opponent between the grasses.

Grass clothing is more effective when you are crawling or lying between grasses, so you will really be disguised with grass.

Because of its high effectiveness to disguise, this shirt is quite difficult to obtain.

For those of you who have often played PUBG Mobile but still haven’t got it, don’t worry.

Because in this article I will share how to get a grass gown or ghillie suit at PUBG Mobile.

How to get a free Ghillie Suit on PUBG Mobile

You can get Ghillie suits for free from water drop, which is the air box dropped by the plane when we play.

But because it only goes down at one time and is quite rare, water drop is the target of all players and can be very dangerous for us.

Therefore, to get ghillie suits from water drop, you can follow the tips and tricks below.

  • In addition to focusing on enemies, pay attention to planes that often pass through the sky
  • If the plane lowers water drop, then immediately chase to the location of the fall of the water drop
  • Make sure your items and weapons are complete, so you can do battle with other players if needed when fighting for water drop
  • If you have approached the location of the fall of the water drop, you should be more vigilant because there could be other players close to the location
  • If there are other players and he doesn’t see you, immediately disable him with the best weapon you have
  • Then take all the items in the water drop, if you’re lucky you’ll find a ghillie suit
  • While taking items from the water drop, you should not be complacent and must remain vigilant, who knows there are enemies approaching


Well, that was just a few quick tips for those of you who want to try getting a grass gown or ghillie suit at PUBG Mobile.

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