What is the Siege Mode in Brawl Stars and how to play it

Brawl Stars have several game modes; some are fixed (Gem Grab and Survival) while others are variable (Heist, Brawl Ball, Star Hunt and ticket events). Anyway, there’s a mode we haven’t mentioned before which could be great fun: we are talking about Siege.

As with Survival or Heist, two three-player teams play against each other, defending their own base.  At each base there is a turret that fires at enemy players; the objective is to destroy the enemy’s turret.

The turret is special. As well as being the nerve center of your part of the map, its operates as a robot factory that sends a robot out every so often. The robot will get stronger if you feed the machine with bolts which will appear on the battleground during the match (two and a half minutes). You have to go over the bolts to pick them up and get close to the turret to throw them.

The robot has a reasonably high amount of life, which you can’t see. It means you can focus on defeating the enemy and attack the enemy turret easily. Now, for that to happen, there is one further condition: you need to pick up more bolts than your enemy.

And now we come to the nub: which is the best Brawler for Siege? In my experience, I have had good games using Jessie, Bull, Darryl and El Primo. And why those Brawlers in particular?

  • Jessie can put on her turret at will, which makes her especially useful for either defense or attack.
  • Bull and Darryl move really fast when their supers are activated, which means they can pick up bolts very easily.
  • El Primo soaks up damage, so he can survive for long enough to bring the bolts recovered back to base more easily.

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