Which are the best Star Powers in Brawl Stars

Star Powers in Brawl Stars are a sort of final blow that can deal a huge amount of damage in one go or over a short period of time. There are some specific requirements to access Star Powers:

  • You need to have reached Power Level 9.
  • You need to find Power Points in Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes and Mega Boxes.

Some Star Powers stand out because of their direct impact on a match. Let’s talk about some.

Colt moves at super speed

With his Star Power activated, Colt moves at head-spinning speed like Leon. Thanks to his Star Power, this Brawler can shoot better, dodge better and cover more ground in much less time. In summary, Colt’s Star Power makes him a much better Brawler.

Jessie can restore her turret

It can’t be denied that Jessie is a very useful Brawler thanks to her turret. When her Star Power is activated, she can restore 800 health per attack. If you use her well, she can deal a whole heap of damage to the enemy without at any time losing her special attack.

Dynamike jumps and becomes immune to damage

Dynamike’s Star Power is probably one of the funniest. When it’s activated, Dynamike can jump over walls and is immune to damage until he lands back on the ground. It’s one of the Star Powers that you have to think about most and have a real strategy for – it can be the best or the worst of all of them depending on the experience of each gamer.

Bo can see into bushes

If you’ve already played Brawl Stars a little, you will know that you can hide behind Bushes. While you’re hiding you can recover health, hide from enemies and plan ambushes. You will also know that you can’t see anyone hiding until you get right up close to them. Well, with Bo’s Star Power, both Bo and everyone on his team can see into the Bushes.

Pam heals herself with each shot

When this Brawler’s Star Power is active, she and her teammates get 30 health points for each bullet that Pam gets on target. 30 points may not seem like much, but if a volley of shots all land on an enemy, it’s possible to recover 270 points in one go. Depending on what mode you’re playing in, small differences like that can be very important.

Mortis recovers health points

Mortis is a special case. His Star Power doesn’t actually do anything until he beats an enemy, when he heals by 1800 health points right away. The Power doesn’t help his teammates, only Mortis can use it.

Leon gets even faster

We’ve commented in other places about how Leon is one of the most desired Brawlers on account of his amazing speed of movement and his powers of invisibility. With Star Powers, he just gets better at both, and becomes even faster when he is invisible. That lets him escape danger and cover much more ground in little time.